Many pastors children do not go to church because their parents have displayed a tough life or portrayed a lige that is not interesting .

They don’t show anything interesting to their children, always putting in oversize suits,some churches even forbid wearing of jeans, jewellery and all sorts of expensive things.

Most Pastors live with a white mouth like they are always on a fast.

So many churches have only told congregants to listen to gospel music only. You can’t be intimate listening to gospel music,there is no way you would want to imagine angels coming down whilst on your bed.

Gospel simply means good news. There is nothing wrong about any kind of music as long as it brings good news. Commenting on a woman’s body in a song is not bad its actually scriptural songs of Solomon.

Love and romance is very scriptural. Pastors should not be bound by religion. There is no way a pastor can go to the beach in a suit holding a bible.

It means your pastor is off topic. There is a type of dressing for every occasion. There is dressing for the bedroom. Pastors are poisoning congregants, colonial g their brain to the extent that they don’t want riches.