17 November -Historic day for Zimbabwe.


Today marks exactly 2 years after Mugabe has been ousted out of power in a purported coup. This is the day that saw everything come to a standstill after a planned takeover by the military. It was on this day that the voices,of,Zimbabweans roared loudl, with excitement oozing out of every voice that could be heard. This is the day that the late leader Mugabe announced his forced retirement.

It was on this day that Zimbabweans jumped from the pot and went straight into the fire. This is the day that birthed some of the problems we are facing today. Had Zimbabweans known that their hunger for change would lead to this surely no one would have marched against the old man.

This is the day that marked the weekly increase in fuel prices, ZESA frequent tarriff hikes and ever changing basic commodities prices. This is the day that saw an embargo being placed on eating bread daily in most households (bread is now a scarce commodity ).

17 November is one day every Zimbabwean would wish it never existed on the calender. A day that welcomed the DAMBUDZO era. Little did the Zimbaweans know that they were tricked into pushing a finished strategy.

What a day to remember for Zimbabweans.