A UK based woman, Belinda Mayer, has revealed that Zimbabwe Gospel Singer, Jennifer Maneni, Stole her husband of 27 years, Ricky Mayer.

Jennifer Maneni reportedly married Ricky while knowing fully well that he was married. The woman said Jennifer did this to get UK Papers.

Belinda says Ricky has deserted his family, including a disabled child.

Ricky with his Family

Belinda said Ricky and Jennifer had a secret wedding in Harare and even though his son was in Harare at the time, Jeniffer and Ricky did not invite him to the wedding. The wedding was in May 2019.

Jennifer and Ricky at their wedding

Belinda only found out about the wedding after the event. She said Ricky was supposed to give her a divorce token as per culture before he married Jennifer.

Belinda said Ricky was a player who had numerous affairs during their marriage, including having a child with her best friend. Ricky also had an affair with a Ugandan woman.

Gambakwe Media talked to Ricky who said he was thrown out of the house by Belinda on various occasions and so decided to move on with his life.

He explained that as far as he was concerned, the Belinda is his Ex and the case had nothing to do with Jennifer.

He accused his ex wife of being an alcoholic with mood swings who changed her behavior like the whether every time she hit the bottle.