Linda Masarira has once again hit on MDC MPs hypocrisy.

She accused the Nelson Chamisa’s legislators of attending the prestigious Victoria Falls budget conference and snubbing the Budget Breifing in Harare because ED Mnangagwa was in attendance.

Writing on her twitter site, Linda said ,” 1/What is the logic behind snubbing the actual budget presentation yet they attended the prebudget seminar in Victoria Falls? It is now clear & evident that my erstwhile Cdes from the MDC are just interested in parliament programs which have lavish settings, hefty allowances, etc

2/ Gone are the days of tomfoolery & skullduggery. It is either you are in or you are out. You can’t cherry pick which parliament sessions to attend at your convenience at the expense of the electorate. Since they snubbed the budget session they should forever hold their silence.

Linda urges all legislators and politicians in Zimbabwe to be patriotic and to put Zimbabwe’s interest first before politics.