John Mangudya Threatens Punishment On Anyone Exposing Currency Corruption


John Mangudya has announced that displinary measures will be taken against those bent on damaging confidence by placing such pictures on social media platforms stating that they cause anxiety and despondency within the economy.

Following the previous statement released Mangudya said the case of a black plastic bin container with bond coins involves a CBZ customer and has been dealt with.

“It has come to the banks’s attention that there is a picture of a black plastics bin container full of bond coins also circulating on social media.

We would like to advise the public that this case has been investigated by the Bank and it involves a CBZ Bank Customer,” he said.

He said
“Investigations by RBZ at CBZ indicated that an amount of ZW$44,180 was withdrawn by one of their customers,” he said.

Mangudya added that CBZ Bank together with their customer are now assisting the Zimbabwe Republic Police with further investigations.

However, amid speculations that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s advisor Kuda Tagwirei is one of the officials that supply cash on the black market, reports show that he is a major shareholder with 23% of CBZ through his company Acribos.