10 Things you should Never Say during an Interview – Lynn Fitho

EPISODE 1 - Lynn Fitho Career Fair


In this guest post, Lynn Fitho breaks down 10 things you should never say in an Interview in South Africa:

  1. So what will I being doing in this role?

You should always get and read the job spec before you go to the interview.

2. I can handle anything

This shows you are lying! Its not possible for you to be good at everything.

3. How much does this job Pay?

This shows that you are just there for the money.

4. So what time do we knock off?

This just shows that you are lazy and you cant wait to go home.

5. never mention anything negative about your previous or current boss

It shows that you go about badmouthing other people

6. Never say you are desperate to get this job

You will regret this when offer time comes

7. Never say I am just taking this role till something better comes along

It is better to say I am looking for different experiences

8. Never say I don’t know what I will be doing in the next 5 years

Don’t threaten your interviewer

9. Never say I am not a fan of working with people

Just say I am a team player but I can work independently

10. Never talk about their competitors

If you are doing an interview at Toyota don’t start praising BMW