Not My Son Ep.5 : Lorraine Guyo’s Mother In Law Shares Bed With Her Son

We are all aware of Mai Victor’s full control of her son but this time it has gone to a whole new pathetic level.

In the last episode we saw Lorraine and tete Chihera interrupting a prayer by their unexpected visit Mai Victors house.

Lorraine is now staying with Mai Victor and her son but her mother in law makes sure her life is hell by mocking her in front of visitors.

Mai Victor makes it clear that she does not like Lorraine and do not want her to be her son’s wife because she has no class.

Mai Victor even makes a new rule that Lorraine sleeps in the sitting room whilst her and Victor share the bedroom as the used to do before her.

Enock Chisale makes his debut as the Victor’s uncle , his mothers brother.He is the one who tries to make her sister think and do things proper.