Not only is Nigel Twabam naughty or a liar , he has proved to be a woman abuser too by butchering wife Mai Mhofu which is played by Lorraine Guyo.

Kutizira skit is a comedy series which is produced by Blessing Chiwoto Films.It chronicles the lives of extended families and how family ties.

Nigel lives with his dad and uncle at his uncle’s house who is overseas.Gamu also live with her aunt Madam Boss.

Whilst they are still trying to solve the Gamu pregnancy issue , Lorraine comes bruised and covered in bandages all over.

She says she came because Nigel is wanted by the police for domestic violence as she claims he beat her up with a plank and kicked her.

With everything going on , all what tete needs is some more money for herself and her niece Gamu.Lorraine is hurt to find out that Nigel has another woman whom he impregnanted.