A Tour In Ginimbi’s 12 Million Domboshava Mansion

Ginimbi’s house in Domboshava is one of the most beautiful , famous and most talked about mansion in Zimbabwe besides The Blue Roof.

The double storey house is located 39km from the Harare C.B.D and sits on 4 acres which is 16 187 square metres covers about 54 standard houses in a high density surburb.

Ginimbi’s house has 6 fully furnished bedrooms with queen size beds and ensuits , fully equipped gym and a 14 sitter cinema.

The flamboyant businessman lso expressed his love for the famous label Versace by designing his main glass door with its logo.

Genius Kandungure absolutely lives his Shampompo lifestyle in a luxurious house that shouts Style just like his vision when he was planning it