EXPOSED: MPs spend taxpayers $ 5 million in Vic Falls!! Whose hotel benefitED , Kasukuwere involved.


Video by TV7 Live and Buzz ( Dr Clarence)

The MPs are reported to have spent over 5 million United States of America dollars for a stay in Victoria Falls for parliament business.

The question quizzed by Dr Clarence is that who benefitED from this program.

In March 2015, ED Mnangagwa’s tie was sold for 35 000 bucks. He was the vice president by then. The tie was sold to George Manyere who was then CEO of Brainworks LTD a company which owns multiple hotels in Victoria Falls.

Kasukuwere was Minister at the time that Brainworks got tenders from government.

Who benefited from the money??

It’s practically a challenge to have government disburse funds on many programmes or even for civil servants salaries. However, when some big wig in government is going to benefit, the money is quickly disbursed.

Who benefits?