Sir Wicknell Chivhayo Donates $16 000 for Cancer Treatment


Zimbabwe multi Millionaire, Sir Wicknell Chivhayo has donated $16 000 to a Harare man for him to undergo treatment in Harare.

Jackie Ngarande

Writing on her Facebook page, Jackie Ngarande on whose platform the man sought assistance said :

Mako anoti musaise mwenje pasi petafura usimudzei muuise pamusoro petafura,vanhu wese vagouona,vagokudza Mwari nekutenda kuna Mwari wavo.

Sir Wicknell Donation

Tamson Phiri, is diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma,a skin cancer that has turned into a growing tumor on his face.He was suppose to raise $16000 RTGS for the removal of the tumor and facial reconstruction.

This morning God sent our brother Sir Wicknell to help Tamson Phiri.Sir Wicknell does a lot of charity work anonymously for us here and other people vavasingazive ,This is is not the first time but nhasi ndiregerereiwo bhudhi,I had to publish this because you have done a lot for single mothers,widows and orphans on this platform.

Kana munhu apedza basa mupei korona?
Kupa kune mufaro kunokunda kugamuchira.

Ndibatsireiwoka kutenda?????