SHOCKING : Shepherd Bushiri – Why 2019 Is His Last Year

All Prophet Passion Java Prophecies 100% True So far


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri should be very worried about the death prophecy revealed by Prophet Passion Java this week.

After looking at the track record of all prophecies made by Prophet Passion Java, we noticed that all of them have came true!

Prophet Passion Java made various prophecies revealed to him during his 21 days of prayer for 2019. The book is called I already told you and it sells for $28 on his website and was published in late 2018.

The prophecies are brocken down by months and most of them have already came to pass.


1 – Blizzard and strong winds in Greece and Carlifonia
2 – Death of Oliver Mutukudzi and National Hero status ( Govt will try but offer will be declined)


1. 15 People will die in a stampede at a Buhari Rally


1. Ethiopian Airways Plane Crash that will kill everyone on board ( 10 March 2019)
2. Cyclone Idai Prophecy ( 4 to 21 March)


1. 21 April – Many Christians will die in an islamic country


1. Massive storm In India


1. Flashfloods in East Uganda, France and Uganda
2. The situation in Sudan will not get any better


1. Heavy Rainfall in Japan, many displaced in Japan, USA and India
2. Forest fires in Arizona


1. Protest March in Zimbabwe – Police clash with citizens but no deaths
2. Fuel tanker accident in Tanzania


1. Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa ( Nigerians to be attacked)
2. Mugabe death and refusal to be buried at the National heroes Acre
3. Things to get worse in Zimbabwe after the death of Mugabe
4. Kanye West becomes a Christian


1. California and Colorado Forest Fires
2. Natural disasters to come in quick succession


1. Death of Prophet Bushiri


It would probably to best for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophet Uebert Angel to humble themselves and seek from Prophet Java as this is not looking good!