• Olinda Chapel could be single right now but she is definitely not searching and she had to let the whole world know as she is tired of all your men’s DMs.

The latest message in her inbox comes the LEAD Party President’s estranged husband Gilbert Jiga Jones Kaingidza who is allegedly running away from home.

Linda Musarira’s husband told Olinda how he was a lonely man in love with politician and explained how painful it was citing examples of it being as difficult as climbing a palm tree.

Olinda Chapel posted the screenshot of his message on her wall with a humorous caption which was ,

So Your Plan Is To Add An O Before Linda

Gilbert Kaingidza married Linda Musarira recently and during their honeymoon phase , he had already beaten her and abusive towards her.Last week he came on social media saying his life was allegedly in danger and that her wife was a sellout who was getting bribes from the new dispensation.