Prophet E Makandiwa
Sunday 3 November 2019
Reading:- 1 kings 18 v 30-46

When God speaks he is not a man that he will lie. Last week i said now the clouds are gathering and we had rain. Elijah used 12 stones representing 12 tribes and there was a seed of water in the stones. The tribes needed water. Two miracles were done. The coming down of the fire. The fire did consume the baal sacrifices. The fire came to the altar of the Lord. U cant have fire and not have Heat.

God had to come down and confirm / endorse the altar the prophet had repaired by his fire. The next miracle was the coming of abundant rain.

Like that servant that was sent i will also sent you. Go and Find out.
U heard me say the journey is about to begin and that we are drawing lines. Last week I said as we begin to pray on the just passed Wednesday, the course of the wind will change as well as the atmosphere and that was to be proof that the Lord had heard our prayers.

There was a number 12 involved. I said As we were getting close to the number 12 (and last sunday i said we are close to the end) we were to get an abundance of something. We had the rains on the end of the Number 12 day. It can only be God. After the fire and the heat we had the rains

What then comes after that. When you touch altars, mess up with altars, there is always a reaction in the atmosphere. What a contrast, from extreme heat to heavy rains on the 12th day of the 12 stones according to the 12 tribes. Something is happening.
Where u are coming in is slightly different from the servant. You are coming after the rain but i want you to see and observe a cloud forming like a little hand.

When the chariots are getting ready to cry and to see and sound, watch out. U will know me better very soon. Some of us we hear God. U will begin to see the rise of a little cloud from the sea but the cloud will appear to you like the hand of a man.

Remember John when he saw different creatures from the sea and God told him that the waters he has seen, the sea, was not a sea but the people.
I love u and warn you every time. However when the cloud begin to ascend, its ascension from the waters and the appearance of the Cloud is like a manʼs hand. That is the time when the chariots are getting ready.

Anyone can prophecy that it shall rain but when you start playing with dates it becomes something now. What if on that date and number of days it doesnʼt rain.

Imagine the other time having a national prophecy and for months nothing happens and u come here and tell people to read newspapers and that thing happens. If i was not a prophet how was i going to preach. The ED Poison Prophecy.

Adam died in the year he ate the fruit. Peter says to God 900 years is just one day. It was as if Adam was about to prove God a lier but he died in that one day when he was almost crossing to the other day.
What kind of Church do u want. I dont want you to give up. Some will go and still come back. U shall bother me seven times and i will say i have not seen anything donʼt bother me. With This altar thing we shall see.
Those with no eyes will ask what has changed. We cant make people pray for nothing. This time was the hottest of all seasons. Its a product of the altars.

Picking names is something that can be faked now. With facebook people can study and prophecy. I donʼt deal with that anymore but i deal with what is in the atmosphere.
When i prophecy i know that there are writers and u will never write it accurately. I will cause you to miss. Only prophets should write prophecy. Start by seeing.

Things of God will start very small like a small cloud. Dont underestimate the size.
What was special about preparing a chariot. King was told to prepare the chariot coz there is a little hand.
There is a lot i didnʼt tell you about altars lest you were not going to pray. I could have told u the several altars and the people that went to such altars and the blood sacrificed on such altars.

There is a layer that was put in the atmosphere over us. Donʼt play when the church raises its voice to pray. When u prayed for the country you also prayed for yourself. That is why you would always find yourself praying for yourself during those prayer.

Leaders learn to hear the prophet when he speaks. Whoever shall hear this message and he prepares his chariot that man is an Ahab. Whoever shall hear an instruction from the prophet to prepare his chariot he shall be the King of Israel.
I know people are lost now. I am not talking about the army here. Your own horse . You have your horse . U came with it here and u left it outside.
When people obey a devine instruction, that obedience is the platform upon which God comes and he operates from. He seats on that platform and he moves in your behalf. He told us to pray and we build the altar of the Lord which is called communication. We restored communication between God and his nation.
Imagine When God chooses you to deliver his people. When God point at you and gives you an instruction on what to do.
Prophet have a comparison of a notepad and a phone. A phone is more expensive but God uses books and not phones. The bible is in written form. What If a phone holder is given an assignment to deliver his family.
We realised that there was a time when Moses realized that there was always a harassment that was going through Israelites in Egypt. He defended his own. Another day it was an Israelite against another Israelite. War was now between Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe. He was send by God to deliver them from each other. The fight amongst yourselves is a terrible one. Moses intervened and there was trouble. He had to run away but had to come back again to deliver them. What was going to happen if Moses was going to refuse to go back, especially if Israel had prayed for 12 days.

Mordecai told Esther something. If you donʼt deliver them still deliverance shall come through other means. If Moses had refused God was going to use another deliverer / prophet. Deliverance was still going to come through other means and he was not going to be spared.