Jacob Mafume, an MDC top official has started to attend meetings with ED Mnangagwa.

Yesterday, ED Mnangagwa toured the MDC lead Harare City Council water facilities. Some of the MDC high level officials who attended included Harare Mayor Hebert Gomba whose presence could not be avoided.

However, the presence of Jacob Mafume raised questions on whether he still share the same convictions with his boss Nelson Chamisa and other MDC parliamentarians who refuse to recognize ED.

In defense of his position, Jacob Mafume says that he was there because of the water crisis. He says the water crisis is legitimate, and ED Mnangagwa is not.

Elias Mudzuri also came under fire from Nelson Chamisa loyalists Hwende and Maisiri for attending a meeting by ED Mnangagwa.

It is not yet clear on whether Nelson Chamisa will discipline his subordinate or he is now working under a different set of rules.