A Harare based prophet, Brother Jeremiah, has issued a video statement revealing that Zimbabwe is now entering a stage of war.

Jeremiah is known for his accurate prophecies and visions. He also claims to see and talk to angels.

Jeremiah first issued this prophecy in 2018 before the Zimbabwe elections.

He said when Zimbabwe turns 40 years, the following things will happen. (This will happen close to April 2020)

4 stages
1st Storm – Suffering
2nd Storm – Suffering
3rd Storm – Great War and Starvation ( In a few months time)

4th stage – Total Destruction

Mnangagwa will not be able to get out of the third stage as he will be plucked:

During the War

A wind of war will surround Zimbabwe

There is a grace period now, if there is no genuine dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa , then there will be war.

The war will be short and it will bring about change.

Meetings already underway to remove Mnangagwa already under way

– Wolves are not soldiers. The wolves have already started meeting to plot the removal of the current leader.

– Mnangagwa will try to fight but will be plucked out

After the war

– The wolves will appoint Chamisa after the removal of Mnangangwa
– The young man will be President
– When Chamisa comee into office, it will take time for the country to recover.


What happens if there is genuine dialogue?