Watch: Uebert Angel Says Passion Java Is Not Even A Prophet.

Spiritual father to Shepherd Bushiri has come forward to defend the office of his spiritual son against Passion Java’s prophecy.

During a live broadcast of one of his teachings , Prophet Uebert Angels announced that people should be aware of fake prophets.

He said there are prophetic levels and procedures to be followed in that kind of office.Angels said some other prophets are not allowed to prophecy to other prophets.

Spirit Embassy founder also said that they are other people who are not even prophets and not allowed to even prophecy.

Angels also said using the name prophet does not make you one and that people should be aware of fake prophets who take advantage of using other prophets name for fame and attention.

This follows after Prophet Passion was praying on a facebook live and mentioned a prophecy on Bushiri’s death in December.