You can easily get a job as a teacher in Thailand from Zimbabwe.

There are two groups namely native and non native:

Zimbabwe is non native, South Africa is native.

These are the requirements if you are from Zimbabwe:

  1. Get a tourist visa – You can not apply from outside Thailand
  2. The Thailand Embassy is in South Africa ( Caters for 10 countries)
  3. You must have $700USD for the past 3 months in your account
  4. R950 to apply for the tourist visa
  5. Get a round trip ticket – Use skyscanner or travelstart
  6. Get an itinerary
  7. get Proof of accommodation – Hotel or Airbnb
  8. Get the relatives details if possible
  9. You submit your application
  10. It takes 4 to 5 days for the visa to come out
  11. Go to Thailand and start looking for a job

How to look for a job in Thailand

Don’t apply for a job between September and February

Apply between March to May. This is when everyone’s contract is expiring. Thailand only gives 1 year visas.

Job Sites for Thailand




They will ask you to do a demo. The interviewers will sit as students. Do not speak fast during the demo, because the students are not first language speakers.

There is something called a direct hire and agent. Try to get the job as a direct hire. I suggest that you don’t use agents. Agents can be a nightmare and you could end up not getting your salary.

A direct hire has many advantages.

After the Interview

Your Tourist visa is only valid for three months. It means that at the end of three months you should have the paperwork to work in Thailand.

The School does everything to help you get a VISA. Applying for a visa has to be done in South Africa. You can get a Non B VISA in South Africa.

Toik English Exam

Is an english exam that is required for you to get an extension of 1 year for your Work permit.

Bank Account

You need to get a bank account

A Degree

You also need to get a degree

Medical Tests

They test for a various set of conditions and also pregnancy and chemical substances