Olinda Chapel Begs Passion Java For A Prophecy Concerning Tytan

After the Ngirozi post , drama queen Olinda Chapel has done what she does best , which is using any given opportunity to divert attention on to her.

As people were all concerned and focused on the Twabam Prophet responding to fake allegations by ECG founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ,

Olinda took all the attention because of her comment.Olinda Chapel commented begging for the prophecy on when Tytan her now ex husband will be coming back home to her and his baby Nandi.

Prophet Passion Java , laughed it off and asked her to come for the one on one session which his ministry provides but one has to pay for this meeting with the man of God.

Olinda Chapel went on to make a post about what had happened during the Prophet’s live.Her post was kind of making fun of the prophet for mentioning money to deliver a prophecy .

Olinda Chapel has used social media as a way to free herself and heal her social life with her sense of humour and life teachings.