How Savior Kasukuwere Plans To Beat Nelson Chamisa in 2023

Savior Kasukuwere Cleared Of All Charges


Savior Kasukuwere Was last week acquited of all charges against him which leaves him free to campaign and contest in the 2023 Zimbabwe Presidential elections.

Acie Lumumba has already started working in Kasukuwe ‘s corner and will be Savior Kasukuwere ‘s Campaign Manager

The Kasukuwere 2023 team has the following Strengths

– Kasukuwere is young
– Kasukuwere and Lumumba are seasoned campaigners
– Kasukuwere knows the intelligence services, Lumumba knows Military Intelligence
– Lumumba Knows the youths
– Kasukuwere has a big budget

The Kasukuwere team will have to deal with the following issues:

1. Kaukuwere will want to continue to appeal to the ZANU-PF base. This means he will have to get rid of ED Mnangagwa somehow.
2. Economy – The Kasukuwere team is seen as corrupt and part of the old Mugabe system.
3. Black empowerment – The Kasukuwere team are beneficiaries of Mugabe ‘ Black Empowerment policies. They are unlikely to reverse the policies that have isolated Zimbabwe.
4. Sanctions – The Kasukuwere team wants sanctions removed.
5. Diaspora – Lumumba will appeal to the Diaspora but knows they don’t nt vote. He will just use their attention to confuse the MDC.
6. Kasukuwere will want to project himself as a reformer and someone who can create the right environment for business.

Nelson Chamisa weaknesses

– No links to the military or intelligence services
– Not able to pressurize ZANU-PF
– Not able to form alliances
– No game plan ( Ever changing plans and documents)


Kasukuwere will therefore position himself as follows:

– Kasukuwere will stay in ZANU PF but communicate that he will transform ZANU-PF
– Kasukuwere wont alienate ED-Mnangagwa
– A Kasukuwere candidacy will stop ZANU-PF Youths from Joining MDC
– Lumumba will hold the attention of MDC and ZANU-PF Youths and dilute Nelson Chamisa’s message

In conclusion

– Savior Kasukuwere is not taking the middle road – He will continue with the ZANU-PF way