Archives: 4 November Robert Mugabe threatens to fire ED Mnangagwa


A Historic Day in the Zanu PF, Zimbabwe Political Spheres

4 November 2017

Today, 4th November 2019 marks the 2nd year after the Presidential Youth Interface Rally at White City Stadium where the late Robert Mugabe lashed at Emmerson Mnangagwa after Bulawayo youths booed Grace Mugabe during her speech.

Mugabe said “Ndakatadza here kuisa Mnangagwa semutevedzeri wangu, kana ndakatadza ndimudonhedze izvezvi (Was it wrong for me to appoint Mnangagwa as my vice president? I can remove him from power right now)” said Mugabe.

He added that Mnangagwa should go and start his own political party with his supporters.

A twist of events followed this event leading to Mnangagwa becoming the president of the same party and Mugabe passing on as a self exiled legend in Singapore.

Mugabe was set to contest for the 2018 Presidential poll.

A twist of events followed after, Mugabe was ousted from power through a military coup headed by Gen Constatino Chiwenga with Mnangagwa becoming the President of Zimbabwe.

Sadly for Mugabe, he passed on as a self exiled legend in Singapore leaving Gucci Grace at the mercy of Mnangagwa.