Prophet Passion Java has slammed Prophet Bushiri for spreading rumours that he paid people to shoot him. He confirmed that God has shown him death coming to Prophet Bushiri in December.

Prophet Java said Prophet Bushiri is too small and upcoming and he would not try to get famous by prophesying about Bushiri. If he wanted fame, he said he would have gone for bigger prophets like T.D, Jakes or Benn Hinn.

To prove this point, he said he stopped a storm that was coming to destroy the Bahamas in seven hours and the Bahamas was safe.

He also explained that he has secrets about some people that he would not want to say as it would hurt the people of God.

Prophet Java says he has received threats of a police case being made and for some people to kidnap his son. He is however not bothered by all these threats.

He concluded by saying he will be visiting his spiritual father, Noel Jones, who is hosting a prophecy school this coming week.