WATCH : Bushiri Calls Passion Java FAKE In Response To His Death Prophecy


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has responded to Passion Java’s prophecy concerning his death which was said to be in December.

This was after Prophet Java gave this prophecy live on facebook the previous day.He said that whilst promoting his book which he said is where he scribed the prophecy.

Although Java was actually praying for this prophecy not to pass , Prophet Bushiri denounced him during his Prophecy and Deliverance service last night.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri called Java an attention seeker by trying to get popular and fame using other people’s names just for attention.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering founder said that Java was he was not going to give him fame by mentioning his name because he is fake.

After denouncing Prophet Java’s prophecy Prophet Bushiri went on to prophecy that he will be still alive in December and ministering the gospel of truth.