MisRed questions Mthuli Ncube and Mangudya over new currency

Zimbabwe Socialite , Entrepreneur and Radio personality , Misred has voiced out her thoughts on the NEW currency announced yesterday by the RBZ.

She put up a list of questions which an average person would ask themselves.

1. What is ZWL?
2. What is RTGS ?
3. Is ZWD also Bond?
4. Is there a difference between all those above terms?
5. What is being introduced, a new currency or new notes?

She proposed that understanding is the first part to fixing something and that you can never fix something or solve something you don’t understand.

A twitter user managed to break done the answers as follows

1. ZWL is our currency in Zimbabwe

2. RTGS is the platform used to transact ZWL.

3 /4 ZWD and the bond note are different but equivalent in value.

5. New currency was introduced in February now its just the notes being introduced.