Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Wasting Time Looking for Weapons in SA

As Hunt for Tinashe Jonas Intensfies

Zimbabwe Military Intelligence has invadedĀ  South Africa looking for weapons among Zimbabweans based in SA.

This is a futile excersize as most Zimbabweans in South Africa are not capable of launching a military campaign against ED Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe.

In fact the biggest threat for ED Mnangagwa are unarmed Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe who are fed up with the impossible economic situation there.

The hunt for militant Zimbabweans in South Africa has been intensified following the announcement by Tinashe Jonas a few week ago that he is establishing a military wing.

While most people are divided on the seriousness of Tinashe Jonas and his ability to set up a military wing, Zimbabwe and other Southern African states are alarmed at the prospect of another Rebel army in Southern Africa.

According to a secretly recorded phone conversation between Tino Mambeu and Rutendo Benson Matinyarare, SADC top Intelligence officials held a secret meeting at the Zimbabwe Embassy this week to create a list of Zimbabweans that need to be eliminated.

Among the list are activists, political party members, and journalists.

Tino Mambeu, an electrical contractor businessman, is suspected of having attempted to acquire weapons from former Rhodesians in January.

Todd Maforimbo, a former BZA official and US based Zimbabwe Activist, attended the meeting after Secretly jetting into South Africa.