NEW EPISODE : Lorraine Guyo Not My Son episode 4 : Chihera Interrupts A Prayer

Not My Son is a comedy Series produced by Lorraine Guyo Productions.It focuses on how religion , love , family and education is part of life.

On the previous episode , Peter Moyo who is Victors friend is paid in kind by Lorraine for asking for a favour of convincing him to take her as his wife.

On this latest episode of Not My Son , we see Mai Victor with her soon to be daughter in law who she had chose for her son to marry.

During a prayer between Victor , his mother and the pastor’s daughter , they are interrupted by a very strange emergency knock on the door.

Unfortunately , their strange visitors happen to be Chihera and her niece Lorraine who have suitcase.Chihera is fuming and very angry.

Mai Victor gets the shock of her life when she gets finds out who their uninvited guest are.Victor walks out of door whilst in shock.