Tino Mambeu now fears for his life after news broke that Zimbabwe Military Intelligence is hunting for some ‘Millitant’ Zimbabweans such as Tinashe Jonas.

In a recorded telephone conversation, Rutendo Benson Matinyarare can be heard telling Tino Mambeu that there is an SADC task force that has been set up specifically to hunt for people like him.

Writing on Facebook, Tino had this to say :

Since the past week I have been receiving information that there are people who intend to harm me for the alternative narrative that I have on issues affecting Zimbabwe.

I’m a mere Tino Mambeu with no means to harm a fly or cause harm to anyone. Everything I have done or said politically has been out of my own personal convictions believing that I’m speaking on behalf of Zimbabweans.

I am no terrorist and will never be. Meanwhile I will take this opportunity to update my will. If anything I love you Zimbabwe. I have no means to protect myself against anyone let alone a whole system which has access to all sorts of resources! One thing is for sure. Everyone has their own date of death, we shall all die.

May peace reign in our land.

Issued on 27.10.2019