Prophet Walter Magaya – Zimbabweans are too Afraid to take Risks

Sunday 27 October 2019

1 Sammuel 17 vs 1-51

My fellow Africans carry more fear than the white men. Go to the beach you find the fellow African far from the water whilst the white man is deeper in the water.

The devil has instilled fear in the African mind such that they can’t make any meaningful decisions where risk is involved. They can’t take financial risks in business. They can’t invest for the fear of running a loss.

Fear is an inhibiting factor of success. It blocks every area of one’s life thereby derailing progress in many sections of their life.

Fear of the dark

Many of my fellow Africans are afraid of the dark for no apparent reason. Each time they assist the darkness with danger and evil. Even from birth, a child is instilled fear by the parents so that he or she cannot frequent the outdoor events during darkness. our parents have fed us with all sorts of fear types right from birth such that we grow up with a life full of inhibitive fears which then blocks or derail our life plans and desires.

Fear of the next level

There are people who are reluctant to work towards the level of their achievement. They have got one house, one car and maybe one company. Each time they think of expanding, fear engulfs them on the pretext that they may be bewitched or they may be viewed as full of pride. This kind of fear must be eradicated, completely.

However, as Christians, we are not supposed to have this fear at all. Once one becomes a Christian, immediately, the one in us takes control of any life challenges because He is far bigger than the one in this world. His level is by far uncomparable with any force, power or element on this earth.

According to the above quoted scripture, David was barely 17 years when he conquered Goliath. David had a lion heart. David did not entertain fear in his life. This world does not tolerate squeamish people and David did not have the fear in his vocabulary.

Mistakes are a common path of learning. Why should you be afraid of making mistakes; they are part of life. Every form of renounced success today, went through several process of failure.

Starting today, NOW, prune away fear and become the person God mandate you to be.

Be free from that FEAR, right now
Just believe and receive!!
We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.