Acie Lumumba has advised the President of Zimbabwe ED Mnangagwa to consider firing his political commissar or risk losing presidency in less than 6 months.

Writing on his twitter feed, Acie Lumumba said ,” if (scarf emoji) does not fire his political commissar NOW or he will not last 6 months. He has turned into a political embarrassment home and away. Imagine world leaders listening to that comical speech and taking him seriously. Plus bvisai chiscarf icho manhi (angry emoji). SB MOYO + OPPRAH + MPOFU = mdhara ”

ED Mnangagwa’s speech at the anti sanctions march was criticised by many as lacking seriousness and relavance. He was accused of being too casual.

Acie Lumumba attributes all these to be the blame of the political commissar.

He urges ED Mnangagwa to fire him with urgency or risk losing his presidency.

Acie Lumumba has earned the trust of many people as being a reliable source of information since the November 2017 coup where he was always one day ahead of events.