Zimbabwean Celebrities That Have Been Involved In Domestic Violence

Diyonne and Stunner

Zaleekah Khan who was Anonzi Xndr’s girlfriend at the time spilled the tea that Diyonne was in an abusive relationship with Stunner.Months later , he caused a stir on social media when he posted an apology for pushing her in public.The wife responded saying he is a clout chaser(attention seeker) and that it was a fake apology as he always does that.

Tatelicious Karigambe

She made headlines in 2016 when she posted on facebook that her boyfriend Patrick had beaten her following a small misunderstanding.

TiGonzi and Astar

TiGonzi’s alleged mistress Whitney Masike came forward with the allegations that his wife abuses him.This came out after their whatsapp chat messages and voice notes were leaked where Astar confronted the model of being her hubby’s side chick.

Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa

Sauro assaulted by his wife and it was alleged that he was under the influence of an unknown drug that was made him paranoid accusing bounty lisa of being pregnant by drug dealer.

Seh Calaz and Moira

The celebrity music couple engaged at a private function in Juy 2016.A year after Moira came forward to the tabloids to open up about how his love of life , Seh Calaz beat her for asking about his phone.

Enzo Ishall

In 2018 December , he was allegedly beaten by his wife for posting girls on his whatsapp status dancing to his hit song Magate.The two forgave each other and are now happily back together.

Tino Katsande

In 2012, Katsande was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend Brian Munjodzi after she paid him a visit one weekend. She allegedly bled from the nose and mouth and sustained serious facial injuries from the beatings

Rochford Roki Josphats

He made headlines when he was on police wanted list for abusing her fiance of 3 years , Nyasha Valerie.Nyasha said she was beaten all the time in their relationship and had a miscarriage because of it

Olinda and TytanDuring their nasty divorce a couple of months ago , Olinda claimed Tytan used to her whilst on the other hand Tytan claimed Olinda used to beat him together with her son

Mitchelle Kawome and Uncle Rolan

She was in an abusive marriage but it was all exposed when the ex husband beat her outside Pabloz club in 2015.The two are reported to have a good co parenting relationship now.