Missing Zimbabwean Man Found Dead in Cape Town

A Zimbabwean man Tinashe Taruvinga who went missing on October 14 was found dead . His body was found in a highly decomposed state by the Cape Town police. Tinashe lived with his wife in Kraaifontein .

His uncle George Dokora posted on his timeline on October 16 2019 that he was worried looking for his nephew who last spoke to his wife on October 14 2019.

Information relating to his found body is posted on the facebook timeline group page called Zimbabweans in Cape Town. It is alleged that Tinashe was assaulted until he died in Wellington, a place not too far from Kraaifontein where he lived.

Few of Tinashe’ s relatives residing in Cape Town have since been informed , however the greatest challenge is money to take his body back to Zimbabwe for burial.

Zimbabweans living in the diaspora have so many challenges . In the streets of South Africa , they remain targets of crime. South Africans too are not safe as they too are victims .

Most Zimbabweans living in the diaspora do not afford medical aid, however the government of South Africa assist whenever foreigners get sick. The greatest challenge is sending dead bodies back home since many of them do not afford funeral plans.