President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba said the coming of change is a long haul that is similar to the way it was with the liberation struggle, as interests behind sanctions will not vanish over night.

His remarks comes ahead of the much anticipated SADC Anti-Sanctions march set to be held on 25 October, 2019.

In a post he made on his twitter handle, Charamba said there are interests behind the imposed sanctions which will not vanish over night .

“There are deep entrenched interests behind the illegal sanctions.

These interests will not vanish over night as the instant-coffee denialists seek to test the SADC protests for self fulfilling defeat,” said Charamba.

President Mnangagwa’s spokesperson wrote on the October 25 SADC-wide anti-sanctions demonstrations, quoting Amilcar Cabral’s remarks which says,

“We should be wary of one thing, work towards another.
Wary of a deliberate misdiagnosis of the import of the protest in order to damn or blunt it, Tell no lies, there wont be easy victories,” said Charamba in his post.

There has been various contestations in regards to the Anti-sanctions march with entities accusing the government of allegedly hiding behind the march to divert attention from their increasing corrupt activities.