Bulawayo residents have spoken with one voice that they will not be part and parcel with the anti- sanctions march scheduled for tomorrow by ZANU PF party in solidarity with the SADC.

A big number of residents interviewed by our sources made it clear that 25 October 2019 is a holiday with no significance. Senior residents expressed their anger towards ZANU PF in what they described as unfortunate because government continues to blame all its economic misfortunes on the effects of the Western embargo .

Residents added that they know quite well that the march will not change anything since government is not committed in serious dialogue and reforms.

The residents of the city of kings view the anti – sanctions march as a vehicle to justify ZANU PF ‘ s failures.

ZANU PF government scheduled October 25 a day of the great march against sanctions imposed to Zimbabwe nearly sixteen years ago. Many critics do not see sanctions as a stumbling block but ZANU PF misrule and corruption . Bulawayo city is one of the cities governed by MDC A headed by Nelson Chamisa.