Watch : City fathers blasted for dilapidated state of Africa Unity Square

City fathers (Harare City Council) have come under heavy criticism for the sorry state of the Africa Unity Square. The Africa Unity Square, formerly Cecil Square used to be a wonder in as far as nature is concerned.

For decades the square has been a hub for lovers as well as photo shoots because of the water fountains and the park benches where people can sit, relax and enjoy. A tour of the park showed that till today people still gather in the park for many different reasons stretching from business to leisure.

Evidently, the economic woes in the country have not spared the beautiful park with most parts of the big water fountain no longer functional. Green grass has vanished in most parts of the park as if to resemble the water crisis in the country.

The Africa Unity Square is the place where the Union Jack was initially hoisted in Mashonaland hence the aerial view shows that it was modelled from the Union Jack.  It was renamed as a celebration of the African continent as well as to celebrate the achievements of the Organisation of African Union now AU.