The Person Who Stole Prophet Twabam’s $20k Rolex Watch Exposed.

Social Media has been busy about who stole Prophet Passion’s rolex watch worth $20 000usd.

Prophet Passion had a busy weekend from his welcome event , his Twabam Nyama birthday celebrations to the Night Of Passion where he held an evening Church Service.

After the service he posted on his social media that he had lost his watch during a stampede , and that he will reward the person who found it.

Today we just discovered its Dudu , Dudzai from the Madam Boss Comedy series.The character is played by Tyra Chikocho.

Dudzai tries so hard to correct time on the rolex watch but to no avail.We all know the type of girl Dudzai is from the past episodes.

In the skit a popular King Shady thief song Danmore is playing in the background.This is proof that she is the one who took Prophet Passion’s expensive watch.