Opinion: Saviour Kasukuwere is the prophetic lion which will save Zimbabwe

Pastor Ian Ndlovhu, on 26 May 2019 prophesied that the time for the lion to participate in the affairs of this nation has come.

He specifically said the lion not the lioness.

Interpretations have been different on this prophecy but new revelations has signaled that Savior Kasukuwere is the saving grace for the nation of Zimbabwe.

An anonymous prophetic analyst who refuse to be identified says that there is a plan to take over power from ED Mnangagwa and hand over to Kasukuwere.

This confirms that Saviour Kasukuwere is the lion that has the saving grace to save this country.

Nelson Chamisa was given the chance to dialogue but he did let it down and his time is now out. He therefore can not participate in the politics of this nation again. This is further confirmed by the growing rift between Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti his vice president.

According to this interpretation, the calls for Kasukuwere to become President might seem comic , but they are real.

Political commentator, Acie Lumumba said he definitely know what is going to happen, and he said Saviour Kasukuwere is going to happen. What does that mean? The prophecy answers.