Joyce Mujuru stole poor athlete’s gold medal

President of the NPP Joice Mujuru allegedly stole the late renowned sprinter Artwell Mandaza’s gold medals after claiming that she wanted to show them to the late President Robert Mugabe.

The incident occurred in 1980 when Mujuru was the Minister of Sports.

A daily news reporter Farai Machamire who interviewed Mandaza in 2012 revealed that the late sprinter gave Mujuru the medals and never received them back.

“The Sport minister asked for my medals to show them to the then prime minister Robert Mugabe.

They were real gold and i never got them back,” revealed Mandaza to Machamire.

He added that Mandaza did not reveal the incident as he feared reprisal.

“I promised Mandaza that i would not write the story of his greatest pain as he feared reprisal, ” the reporter said.

In a 2012 Daily News article in which he gave his heartache experience, Mandaza said his leg injury is all he has to show for his career as government officials deprived him of all his financial benefits and opportunities.