Spokesperson to the President, George Charamba

This is the latest and if not, the most unexpected incident last week.
During the midnight hour Charamba posted a link to a porn0graphic website using his @jamwanda twitter account followed by a video of a naked white woman.

He later apologised to his followers saying “chawana hama hachisekanwe” meaning you should laugh at your neighbour’s predicament.

History has it that Charamba allegedly beat his wife in an attempt to kill her, as revealed by close friends after she confronted him about picking up prostitutes in the Avenues and infesting her with HIV virus.

Cain Mathema (Home Affairs Minister)

Has been staying in the Rainbow Towers hotel for more than a year with his young wife who he married at 70 whilst she was 23.

His first wife divorced him saying she had had enough of his abuse, exposing him as a sex mad alcoholic.

Reports has it that he was offensive to his wife about her private parts saying he wanted to marry a virgin to satisfy his ravenous sexual appetite.

Gideon Gono

Apart from his other love scandal particularly with the former Miss Zimbabwe and Miss Malaika, Brita Masalethulini, he is famous for his alleged affair with Grace Mugabe.

The two had a relationship when President Mugabe was still alive.
They allegedly met more than three times a month and the South African Sunday Times newspaper reported that they were seen in SA’s expensive hotels gallivanting as love birds.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

His marriage was said to have gone through troubled waters after the first lady Auxillia Mnangagwa found out about his alleged extra marital affair with a former MSU Accounting Student called Sikulekile Mapfumo.

The two met when Mapfumo was attached at Mnangagwa’s farm.

Mapfumo fell pregnant and named his son Ethan Dumisani, ED.

Patrick Zhuwao

Patrick Zhuwao was forced to deny allegations that he was having an affair with former studio 263 actress Anne Nhira after he promptly responded to her complain about Zodwa WaBantu’s planned performance at the Harare International Carnival.

Zhuwao quickly banned Zodwa from performing leading to an uproar against his decision.

There were licked pictures of Zhuwao in a bedroom suite with an unidentified woman who was believed to be Anne Nhira then.

Acie Lumumba

What comes to mind is his sex tape which was seized by police during a raid on his house.

He was a vocal critic of President Mugabe and attributed the scandal to Mugabe’s nephew, Zhuwao whom he had criticised.

Fugitive Rolland Muchegwa

Popular viral blesser, loaded business tycoon and socialite who left Zimbabwe with charges of brutally attacking his wife.

Of late, he is posting his pictures with young naked and semi naked girls in South Africa.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena

Married his wife Rebecca at 21 and they have four children. Impregnated Wadzanayi Mudara, ended up fighting in court over maintenance issue.

Recently, he was accused of having an affair with a married parliament staffer whom he was allegedly two-timing with her friend Hon Melody Dziva.

The scandal was revealed by the, now his rivalry Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency Temba Mliswa.

Temba Mliswa and Saviour Kasukuwere

Couldn’t possibly live the duo after their fall-out in which Mliswa accused Kasukuwere of being gay claiming that he had made advances towards him.

Reports claim that Kasukuwere did not pursue his case to the court as he feared that Mliswa had evidence, as he claimed.

Jonathan Moyo

He was sucked into a scandal involving Alum Mpofu, a former ZBC boss who he had brought aboard.

Moyo allegedly had an affair with Mpofu who later decided to resign from his post. Mpofu was later caught in a homosexual act in a Harare night club. Several journalists who worked for the broadcaster alleged that he had made sexual advances towards them however, he continues to deny the allegations.