Watch: Coltart regrets being a former Rhodesian police officer, accuses ZANU PF as a violent and lying party

Watch MDC-A senator and treasurer general David Coltart regretting  joining the Rhodesian police force in a conversation with Trevor Ncube.

David Coltart says that he joined the police force at the age of 17 despite his parents warning him. He claims that his parents highly discouraged him to join a government that was not democratic. He added that he regrets for not listening at his parents.

He claims that he was forced to join through peer pressure from his friends. He has since  written about that in his book. His involvement in the Rhodesian military has put a dent on his current and future political aspirations.

Coltart labelled ZANU PF as a violent party . He explained how ZANU PF has subverted the will of the people over the years.

He added that ED Mnangagwa and general Chiwenga  were not honest with the late liberation icon Morgan Tsvangirai. When the people participated in the coup demonstrations that toppled Robert Mugabe , they were made to understand that a transitional authority was going to be put in place.

Coltart ‘s distractors accuse him of being a former Rhodesian spy or informer . It has been a weak point his enemies find it so easy to criticise him.