Mthwakazi blasts government and pickets at Mpilo hospital over unfair recruitment of student nurses

There was a huge police visibility at Mpilo hospital today as Mthwakazi Republic party joined demonstrating students outside Mpilo calling for the reversal of what they believed was an unfair tribal recruitment.

Central intelligence officers (CIO) were all over the shore . Riot police too maintained their presence. Our sources reported that more than 300 applications submitted from Bulawayo and other surrounding areas of Matabeleland only a handful made it .

Mthwakazi intervened when they learnt that all most all shortlisted candidates were not locals. Mthwakazi Republic Party authorities had applications in their hands to resubmit them for the prospective students who were turned down.

While Mthwakazi was trying to reverse the unfair recruitment, it is alleged they discovered that out of 300 students shortlisted under presidential scholarship in Russia only 3 students were from Matabeleland. 297 students were were different regions.

Our sources claim that Mthwakazi forced that authorities in Bulawayo to close the nursing school until their concerns were taken seriously .

There has been calls in the past from Mthwakazi Republic Party to prioritiseĀ  locals when job opportunities and scholarships come .