Dr Peter Magombei says he is coming back and is not afraid of ED Mnangagwa death threats

Following warnings and threats issued by ED Mnangagwa to doctors, Dr Peter Magombei has said he is coming back to stand in solidarity with the doctors and the nation of Zimbabwe during these trying times.

Magombei says he is not afraid of those who kill the flesh and the nation should expect his return as soon as possible.

Magombei blames Mnangagwa for the loss of lives of patients in hospitals due to the continued job action by doctors.

Magombei was allegedly abducted by state intelligence after a series of threats from an unidentified number.

Magombei was missing for almost a week and later found near Nyabira river. After a series of court verdicts and interdicts, Magombei was then later released to go to South Africa for medical attention.

However, sources within reveal that Magombei got a visa to go to America as planned since he is alleged to have faked his abduction.