The past days have been so good for Edith Chibhamu after signing a billion dollar deal  but someone thought it was good to ruin the moment.

Sabena Ruwizhi did a facebook live accusing Edith Chibhamu of recruiting women into s3x slaves.She even made allegations that Zuva Habane was depressed because of her friend’s line of work.

Boeing 777 , as Sabena calls herself is now the reason why Miss Chibhamu is considering to end her women empowerment program in Zimbabwe.

Edith is a woman who is striving hard to empower women in Zimbabwe.All she cares about is to help others to make their lives better and escape from poverty.

Edith’s  vision is to bring a solution to Zimbabwe to have energy , water and medical facilities by the year 2023.

On the other hand , Sabena Ruwizhi is a UK based online brawl stirer , who speaks ill of almost everyone.She has been trending the past few days for her s3xtape with Baba Bonzo.