Olinda Chapel commits crime

The High Tea Queen , Olinda Chapel can not even stay out of drama even if she tries to. She is always in our newsfeeds be it for good or bad reasons.

Oxford Mail reported that Olinda Chapel admitted to driving without a licence or car insuarance.She was fined £750 , a victim surcharge of £66 and £85 for court costs.

An anonymous fan came to defend her on social saying she gave Tytan , her ex-husband the car to drive from the airport when he first came to UK.

It is also reported that Tytan did not have a UK driving licence.Olinda also had a similar situation 3 years ago when her other ex husband , Desmond was charged for driving without a licence in Zimbabwe.

Olinda really tried to stay drama free after her successful edition of the annual High Tea she hosted the past week in Birmingham.

She recently won an award from a UK organisation called Women Of Wisdom.This award recognition of her philanthropic work towards women and children.