5 Amazing facts you didn’t know about Emmanuel Makandiwa

1.The burning shade

Makandiwa grew up a farmer, used to grow cotton under the guidance of his parents.

In the fields of Muzarabani back then as he was tilling the land the Lord called him through a vision, as the Lord took him away to explain his mission the shade in which he was sleeping under caught fire.

People surrounding the fields that time saw the fire, came with water to quench the fire but but to everyone’s surprise the shade was not burnt and the Prophet of God was actually surprised that there was fire burning.

2. Mysterious Star visitation

To confirm his calling before he went into Ministry , a star(Nyeredzi) came and landed at one of the trees at the family’s homestead in Muzarabani.

Night became afternoon, Goats were terrified and they ran away ,the tree still loves to testify with strange happenings.

3. Supernatural flow of Honey

At the Makandiwa Muzarabani house, up to now honey still flows out of the walls.

There are no bees which make the honey but the flow of honey is just endless.

Recent visits by church members and Pastors can confirm the unusual scenery.

It’s more than 10 years now since Prophet Makandiwa was called into Ministry and the flow never ceases.

4. Healing of Salty Waters.

Salty waters were made pure by mukoma Shingi as he was called by village members as he was growing up.

In the hot and usually dry place of Muzarabani water was a scarce resource and at the same time salty.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prayed and transformed the salty waters to fresh and pure water.

5. Mystery of the radio.

At the same hour everyday, the Makandiwa family radio would super time itself to a station which would only preach the word and would continue from where they had left off the previous day. This is despite been switched off.

This was a radio station not a CD or cassette, so intelligent to pick up where it left off.