Zuva Habane Signs Deal With America’s Billionaire Kenneth Bordewick In Dubai

From Urban Auntie to making money moves , Zuva Habane has proved to us that the people you choose to be around you can elevate you or take you down.

A couple of months ago we got to know that Zuva Habane was now the brand ambassador of HOUSE OF EDITH , which is owned by Edith Chibhamu.

Edith and Zuva have become sort of best friends as they gush about each other on social media and buy each other expensive gifts.

Their latest move has proved that the devil works hard but this duo works harder.They signed a deal with American billionaire Kenneth Bordewick.Kenneth Bordewick is a selfmade billionare and is the owner of Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors.He is the one who does designs for The British Royals.The American Billionaire also designs for the royals in Dubai where he is based when not in Los Angeles where he has another office.He is said to own about 114 Roll and Royce cars.