Mwonzora fights Nelson Chamisa for choosing Tendai Biti a sellout in key appointments

A massive fight is reported to be on going in the MDC between Douglas Mwonzora and Nelson Chamisa.

Douglas Mwonzora argues that Tendai Biti is a sellout who once left the party betraying the founding father of the MDC Morgan Tsvangirai

Douglas Mwonzora accuses Chamisa over sidelining him and preferring Tendai Biti to him on all key appointments.

Sources inside claim that some MDC bigwigs are castigating Mwonzora and telling him to leave the party and start his own if he is not okay with Chamisa leadership.

Douglas Mwonzora and Nelson Chamisa have always been rivals since the 2014 Party Congress where Nelson Chamisa was defeated on the role of Secretary General.

Nelson Chamisa was then appointed third vice president by Morgan Tsvangirai in 2014. Upon assuming the presidency after the demise of Morgan Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa was challenged by Douglas Mwonzora at the congress. Douglas faced a humiliating loss as he didn’t get nomination and ended up withdrawing from the race and settling for the Secretary General posts which he was defeated also by Charlton Hwende.

Since then, Mwonzora seems resolute to win back the people’s favor against Nelson Chamisa.