Unconfirmed reports have revealed that the government of Zimbabwe is set to refrain Kombies from the CBD Ranks to accommodate Zupco kombies and buses.

The move is meant to coerce other kombi operators who have not yet joined ZUPCO to register their vehicles with the parastatals. Sources revealed that if the proposal is to sail through kombies not registered with ZUPCO will be allowed only at ranks that are outside the Central Business District.

Early last year, the Harare City Council also pulled the same shocker but however it received much criticism from the commuter omnibus operators and the general citizens at large

A tour of the Copa Cabanna Rank by the Gambakwe Media team however indicated that Zupco buses and kombies are still sharing premises, it is still business as usual. The government has not yet issued a formal directive to this effect.

Copa Cabanna rank (bus terminus) houses public transport that use the Bulawayo road as a way of exit to suburbs such as Belvedere, Warren-Park, Kuwadzana e.t.c