One wonders why people divorce. Some couples divorce within days or months after marriage, while others divorce after 20, 30 or more years. But why is this so?

  1. Infidelity or cheating.
  2. Greed and fights about money.
  3. Goals having been achieved, for example, one of the lovers may have gone into marriage with the motive to get children, money, fame, etc. Once they get that, they leave their partner.
  4. Negative friends or negative influence from family members.
  5. The other partner is sick.
  6. Lack of sexual satisfaction.
  7. One partner becomes more powerful, successful, famous, or becomes wealthier than the other.
  8. The partners get bored with each other, and they draw far away from each other due to lack of closeness and communication.
  9. Lack of children.
  10. Which other causes did I leave out?
  11. What should be done to keep families together and avoid divorce?