Exclusive : Comedian Anna ChiBaby Honde’s House Caught In Fire

Yesterday night , social media went all worried after comedian Anna Chibaby Hombe posted a video running around screaming her house was on fire.

In the video she arrives at her gate and quickily opens it , and rushes inside to see whats going on after seeing a huge fire.

The comedian starts screaming saying her house is on fire and the video blacks out when she starts running towards the house.

It took fans a whole lot of time to notice that it was all acting because of how natural Chibaby is with her talented acting skills.

After noticing her fans worrying so much about her she explained where the fire was from in a facebook comment that read ,

‘kkkkk guys am sorry ndabvunza vanhu.amheno apisa sango repaMalaysian Embassy nemba yangu (stand) moto wacho wandivhundutsa neniwo

Anna ChiBaby Honde is one of the fastest growing comedians for 2019 in Zimbabwe.Her videos have gone successful gone viral and we cant wait to see her getting on top where she belongs