Watch Prophet Passion Java Speaks About His New Helicopter

Prophet Passion Java speaks out on his new helicopter and other issues during an interview with Plot Mhako on EARGROUND

Controversial Prophet Passion Java has purchased a new helicopter from a Las Vegas white man for $45 000, a few weeks after a video went viral in which he was asking if the helicopter was suitable for a man of his status.

During the interview, Prophet Java said people especially Zimbabweans should learn to respect a rich person.

“Money is not the paper that you see, it is the person who has it so if you see someone with money whether that person is a thief or pastor who uses the pulpit to take people money, you ought to respect that person.

The reason is that if you get favoured by a rich person, you also become rich,” he said.

He added that he has joined showbiz as a soul winning strategy.

“The souls that God has sent us to are not in the church but in the world. You can’t get to them wearing a suit with a bible and a bishop collar because you will scare them and they will run,”the prophet said.

Prophet Java rhetorically asked if an investor will get anything by investing on a Zimbabwean dancehall artist adding that Mapfumo has been in the music industry for years but his skin shows that he has no money.

When asked about a prophecy that was made for him by Prophet Chiwenga , he said “If one of my fathers says something i will respond because it is worth it.

I have 33 churches across the world so responding to someone who is preaching in the 1st street becomes something else,” said Prophet Java.

He added that it makes no sense for a prophet to preach about Passion Java to a congregation that is jobless, hungry, abused and has come to get help then they hear about me instead.